Meet Nic Lynch

After many years working in the retail fashion industry, with some of Adelaide's most esteemed boutiques and fashion houses, Nic found herself venturing into personal and creative styling where there was a synergistic collision between the two worlds bringing about a career in Fashion Styling. 

Nic holds a Certificate in Editorial Styling from the Australian College of Professional Styling and an Advanced Certificate of Professional Fashion Styling at the Australian Style Institute.

Over the last decade she has honed her skills by styling the runways of Adelaide for numerous fashion events or styling photoshoots and commercials for local newspapers, magazines and digital media. She continues to offer personal styling as an Image Stylist for both personal and corporate clients.

"I fully understand the time constraints of our all-consuming lives, thanks to work commitments, day-to-day family life, endless school and social engagements. Plus trying to slot in a little ‘maintenance’ time for the gym or personal well being activities. Swept up in a tide of never ending excuses, our own personal identity can get lost and every day I see defeated souls desperately trying to re-invent themselves"
Nic Lynch | Image Stylist

Styling Sessions

THE LOFT's wardrobe styling and management service, designed for both men and women, is a fantastic place to start.

In a personal styling session, prepare yourself for a discussion like no other. We conduct a full style consultation, mirror strategy and offer bespoke styling advice. A full wardrobe edit and a personal shopping session will not only bring order and structure to your everyday wardrobe decisions, but refresh and bring relevance to your own personal brand.

We evaluate your lifestyle requirements and style objectives, then work to de-clutter, edit and re-organise your existing wardrobe. We also offer ideas through a personally curated style guide on how to create stylish outfits and maximise unworn and overlooked items in a shop your wardrobe overhaul.

During this session we ascertain any ‘gaps’ and our personal shopping packages have been designed to ultimately save you time and money – whether you are looking for seasonal updates, classic inclusions, special event dressing or a complete refurbishment to achieve your outcomes in one productive session.

Concierge Service

For anyone time poor or with a high profile life style, our concierge service provides an online personal styling and shopping experience that can be tailored around your busy schedule.

An initial style consultation to understand your personal style objectives is conducted face to face or virtually. Based on your objectives, we design a personally curated mood board accompanied by styling notes and advice to help bring your key hero pieces together in the comfort of your own home.