WHAT CAN I BRING - Sophie Hansen

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'Big-hearted, genuine, bubbly ¿ a joyful celebration of life and community.' Tessa Kiros


The easiest and best gatherings are when everyone pitches in. It's sanity-saving for the host, not to mention energy- and money-saving. And arguably more fun and interesting. But what do you make when asked to bring a plate?


Bestselling author and beloved country cook Sophie Hansen offers seasonally delicious answers to that perennial question. Drawing inspiration from some of her favourite country cooks, friends, family and bring-a-plate traditions, here are the best recipes when you need a: 


Salad of substance

Dinner for a camping trip

Soup for the thermos

Wintry pot-luck meal

Treat for the cake stall


And countless others besides.


The common thread of all Sophie Hansen's recipes and gatherings is the community and kindness that binds us. These recipes and ideas will help glue together your own special gatherings.